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Custom Fittings


Book a custom fitting with one of our experts today.

Our Fittings

Custom fitting at Totally Golf is a process specifically designed to allow you to play to the peak of your ability.

We use GCHawk launch monitors and over 50yrs of experience to identify and create the perfect combination of clubs for your game.


Most importantly we take our time to get it right.



Woods or Irons - 60-90 Minutes / Full Bag - 2-3 Hours

Fitting Fees for woods or irons (£50) and Full Bag (£70) are fully refunded when you buy your clubs from us



STAGE 1 - You & Your Game

Your fitting starts with a consultation about your current equipment and your golf game. We’ll discuss what you would like to achieve and any issues you want to solve.  You’ll then hit shots in the simulator with your own clubs and with the type of ball you currently use.


We’ll now be able to build a picture of your shot pattern, swing profile and most importantly, how your current setup is working for you.



STAGE 2 - The Fitting

We begin with the static part of the fitting, where we take measurements such as your height and wrist to floor. Combining these with your stance and swing profile, we’ll get an idea of your correct club lengths and lie angles etc.


Moving on to the dynamic part where you’ll try out as many clubs and shaft options as you like, guided by our experience and your preferences. Then it is a simple case of comparing the stats from the GCHawk launch monitor, including ball speed, launch angle, spin rates, carry and dispersion.


We will then fine tune your setup to give you the best performing clubs for you.



STAGE 3 - Creation

Once we have found your perfect fit, we’ll order your clubs directly from the manufacturer to your exact requirements.

Our on-site workshop also gives you the choice of any grip type should you want that option. All major manufacturers are stocked and our Fitters can advise you as needed.

When your clubs arrive at Totally Golf, the specifications are checked and we’ll contact you for collection...

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