Golf Custom Fitting

Custom fitting at Totally Golf is a process designed specifically to allow you to play to the peak of your ability.

We use the latest technology and methods to identify and then create the perfect combination of clubs for your game.
Our three dedicated custom fitters have a collective experience of over 50 years.

Fitting Charges
Woods or Irons: £50 and takes 45 to 60mins
Full Bag: £70 and takes 60 to 90mins
The fitting charge is fully refunded against any clubs you purchase

Stage 1 – You and your game

Your fitting starts with a consultation about your current equipment and your golf game. Our expert club fitter will analyse your current set in the simulator and discuss how it’s working for you today. If there are specific issues you want to solve then here is where you can discuss them.

You will hit balls using your current equipment allowing your fitter to build a picture of your shot pattern and swing characteristics.

Stage 2 – The fitting

We now move onto the fitting itself. We fit statically and dynamically using the GC2 Launch Monitor and Mizuno’s swing DNA system.

We begin with the static fitting where we take detailed measurements of your body to ensure correct club length and lie angles.

Using the GC2 and DNA data, your swing will be analysed to measure swing and clubhead speed, ball speed, attack angle, launch angle, tempo, shaft kick angle, spin rate, carry distance, dispersion and other factors contributing to the correct head and shaft choice.

Armed with this information your fitter will use the large array of heads and shafts at his disposal from all major manufacturers to assemble a demo club on the spot that fits your exact swing profile.

On the launch monitor you will be able to see, in real time, the improvements in consistency, accuracy and distance being made to your shot pattern compared to your old clubs.

Your fitter is now able fine-tune specific performance factors to ensure the very best fit for your game.

Stage 3 – Creation

Once your perfect fit is identified we will order directly from the manufacturer to your specific requirements.

Our on-site workshop allows any choice of grip model and fitting instructions. All major manufacturers are stocked and your fitter will advise on the best fit of you.

Your clubs will arrive at Totally Golf in a few days. When you come to collect your new equipment your fitter will check each and every club to ensure perfect results.

Enquire about a fitting

To book a fitting call us on 01279 432288 or fill in the form below

Our fitting centre

Our golf custom fitting centre is located near the centre of Harlow in Essex